Poolsuite x Community

Our complimentary (not available for purchase) "Pool Member" NFT tier provides early access to a selection of upcoming Poolsuite web3 projects, alongside early access to our upcoming community token, which will power our internet leisure ecosystem. We're using the Pool Member tier as a mechanism to kick-off the community around our project(s) in an inclusive manner from day one. We'd like to work with inclusion-focused groups in web3 to place free NFTs in the hands of their members.

We'd like to gift 15x 'Pool Member' NFTs to a selection of groups, the leaders of which can decide the fairest way to select who in their community the NFTs will be granted to, i.e. a random selection from those interested or otherwise. Poolsuite will cover all gas/transaction fees.

What is Poolsuite?

  • Poolsuite (formerly Poolside FM) is a fairly eccentric, ultra-summer internet organisation, that is currently evolving from a suite of popular music apps, to what is essentially a web3 product studio focused on having a lot of fun, and pushing the limits of what an internet organisation can be.
  • We’ve been building things that’ve gone super-viral in web2 in our spare time (we’ve had multiple tech billionaires incl. Jack Dorsey show their love for our stuff over the years!), we have about 800,000 people on our site per year and our iPhone app has about 200,000 users.
  • We’re now evolving to build things that will (hopefully) go super-viral in web3, with a team working on Poolsuite full-time for the first time ever. Our focus is now entirely on building a very eccentric suite of tools & projects to enhance internet leisure – and maybe offline leisure, too.

You can get a taste for what we’re about on Instagram, we’re @poolsuite, or by checking out our website, poolsuite.net

Poolsuite in web3, drop 1

  • Our first drop in web3 is our ‘Executive Members’ NFT which essentially gives holders early access to everything we are about to create, alongside a range of perks we’ll be rolling out every month from here on out.
    • So some examples of what people will have early access to include:
      • The token that’s going to power our ‘leisure ecosystem’ of web3 products & projects
      • Whitelist & free minting for a range of utility-focused NFT drops
      • Frequent surprises that I don’t want to give away quite yet, but keep an eye on our Telegram (t.me/poolsuite)
    • We want to be a case study in building deep utility within an NFT, vs. simply buying for the art/aesthetic/Discord access they typically provide.
    • All of our projects are designed for the community to have an ownership stake in - be that through our Pool member NFT, Executive Member NFT, our upcoming token or via another model we haven’t worked out yet.

Immediate focus

  • Our plan for the first 6 months is to release drop after drop of useful tools and exciting experiences for the web3 community, that help us build a reputation as a brand doing some of the most interesting (and eccentric) activities in the space. Building one of the most trusted and exciting brands in web3 is a huge personal mission of ours.

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