Poolsuite - Executive Club FAQ

Poolsuite - Executive Club FAQ

I've been gifted a 'Pool Member' NFT. Do I need the 'Executive Member' NFT?

This is entirely up to you. The difference between the Pool Member and Executive Member tiers is that the Pool tier holders receive early priority access to some Poolsuite projects, whereas the Executive tier holders receive early priority access all Poolsuite projects (including our upcoming community token distribution)

I'm considering bidding on the 1/1 Patron tier but I want to better understand the associated perks & privileges. Can I speak with someone at Poolsuite?

Yes! Drop us an email via concierge@poolsuite.net and we'll arrange a call for you with Marty.

Will I get access to a Discord or Telegram group when I purchase the NFT?

Not immediately, no. It's important to us that we build a lot more value into your NFT than simply providing access to a Discord channel or Telegram group, which is the be-all and end-all of many existing NFT projects. It's also important to us that we launch our community at the right time, i.e. when we have a specific project to rally around and build together. Until that time (which may be very soon) we won't open a public discussion forum. Our Executive Members are however encouraged to ask us questions and submit ideas & feedback to us via concierge@poolsuite.net, we'd truly love to hear from you.

What will happen if a PartyBid wins the 1/1 Patron of the Pool tier NFT?

The 'Patron of the Pool' tier and its current perks have been designed with a single entity buyer in mind, and thus the perks will be changed if a PartyBid is successful in acquiring the 1/1 NFT.

To ensure the perk tiers remain fair for all purchasers, the Patron tier perks will only be granted to those who have contributed a greater amount of ETH than the cost of our 'Executive Tier' NFT into the PartyBid (> 0.2 ETH)

As our current NFT to Poolsuite connection experience is built to recognise NFTs (as opposed to fractionalised tokens of an NFT) in the event of a successful PartyBid, we will rebuild the access-gating to support the token of the NFT. Again, only those who have entered >0.2 ETH into the PartyBid will be able to unlock gated content with their fractionalised token holding.

We're big fans of PartyBids - we'll just have to work out something that's fair for everyone in the event of a successful one!